Steven Gullett's songs are musical short stories.
Steven Gullett releasing 3rd CD
Go! Magazine - Rock Insider 11/14/03
by Don Thrasher For the Dayton Daily News

Songs About Them & Me and You is an apt title for the latest solo CD from Steven Gullett, a local songwriter with a growing reputation for crafting memorable, musical short stories about real-life troubles, insecurities and loss. His believable character studies and personal confessions set to simple acoustic-guitar accompaniment (with occasional electric guitar overdubs) are a perfect musical soundtrack for this age of reality TV and overt voyeurism.

Faking It All for You is a biographical sketch that captures the claustrophobia and hopelessness often prevalent in small towns where options are limited and disappointment is a top ten word.

In Look What Music Did to Me, Gullett takes a humorous look at the good and bad aspects of being a hard-core music fan with a penchant for wearing flamboyant glam-punk clothing.

Angels Are Never Enough is a powerful first-person account about coping with the untimely death of a loved one.

Gullett truly reveals his gift for storytelling in Whatever Comes Closest, a melancholy portrait of a glorified secretary whose biggest regret is never getting married. The epic tale traces the unhappy woman's life, from losing her innocence at 15 with four beers on her breath and her parents down the hall, through a hippy phase in college, to being a lonely, overweight woman in a house filled with sadness and a couple of cats. Gullett's attention to detail helps create well-rounded characters like this song's protagonist who "looks good from a distance, but up close slightly misses, like a first glance full of wishes on a falling star . . . She don't stand out in a crowd and she stares at her feet when she walks."

Songs About Them & Me and You, Gullett's third solo album in less than two years, will be officially released when he performs at Canal Street Tavern on Sunday (Nov. 16). Gullett will perform solo, but he will also be joined on several songs by guest musicians Tod Weidner of Shrug and Josh Hoag of Nicky Kay & the Kay-tones, the American Static and Maery Lanahan. Weidner and Minneapolis-based songwriter Ben Connelly also will perform solo sets that evening.

Gullett, who works in the library of the Dayton Daily News, is a busy man. In addition to his solo work, the former singer and guitarist for glam punks Freak Strobe, Love Lies Bleeding and the Mystery Addicts, leads his own band, Star Heartless, and plays guitar for the American Static.
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