Steven Gullett - Songs About Them & Me & You
by Holly Quinn
Dayton Exposed 11/13/03

Steven Gullett is a serious, musical veteran. In the past, Gullett has played in the local bands Love Lies Bleeding, the Mystery Addicts, and Freakstrobe. He is currently a member of Star Heartless and American Static. He plays guitar in both. I caught Gullett's solo show at Elbo's. I had not gone to do a review, but I immediately knew I wanted to interview him after only hearing him play for a few minutes. Gullett has a moody, updated folk sound with a punk edge that catches a crowd's attention.

Interviewing Gullett was different than other musicians I have talked to. He was a very shy guy, but you could tell that music is his lifeblood. He told me that, Songs About Them & Me & You, is his third solo acoustic CD in two years. When asked whom he would compare himself to, he said Paul Westerberg and John Easdale. Gullett has played since 1992.
When asked what he liked most about his solo project, he stated that he could "explore being a musician instead of a punk guy around town". Gullett is originally from Elyria, Ohio, and has been in Dayton since 1991.

Songs About Them & Me & You is very well organized. A song of special note would be Southern Belle (about the famed Dayton bar), which I also got to see him play live. Gullett puts a lot of energy into this song, and really gets his crowd going.

Gullett has a CD release party planned for Songs About Them & Me & You Sunday, November l6th; at Canal Street Tavern. Tod Weidner will accompany him at this show on electric guitar, and Josh Hoag on upright bass. Gullett also has a solo show planned for the end of' November in New York, with Star Heartless December 6th at Elbo's, and with American Static Thanksgiving at Canal Street Tavern.

Songs About Them & Me & You is a very good solo acoustic disc, and Gullett was a pleasure to interview. I would suggest to anyone to catch the release party and get a copy of this latest work from a deserving local artist.