Solo, So Alone:
by Jeff Dahl / Carbon 14 #23

-It seems that as bands break up, whoever might be sited as the driving or creative force will soldier on in some form or another as the rest of the band limps to the wayside of obscurity. Here are some cats that've left the band scene behind and have decided to walk the long, lonely solo path.-

Steven Gullett - One of the strongest singer/songwriters I've come across in a long, long time. He's got two great CDs out since the split-up of his glampunk band, The Mystery Addicts. Cheap Reflections is subtitled A Collection Of Demos; it's just an amazing set of 4 track recordings and the fact that he covers Peter Laughner, The Stones and Neil Young should tell you where he's coming from. What will take your breath away is that his originals measure up to these classic covers! The newest CD, Sad Like Marilyn, is another home recording with a bit more attention to production and it's even more brilliant. Unless you're passing through Dayton, Ohio you might never get to see him so I'd suggest you check out his website: