ANTIFOLK interview

The following EXACT same questions appeared in R.S. issue 924 and were asked to Dave Grohl. Antifolk Online gave them to Steven Gullet with the instructions to answer them however he would choose to. And to have fun with em. Here are the responses:
June 28th 2003:

RS: What song reminds you most of Summertime?

[Steven Gullett] Oooo, it's hard to pin down one song, but I can pin down a band. For some reason listening to Hanoi Rocks always makes me think of Summer, especially the first album "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes." I used to listen to it a lot in my car when I was 18-19 years old. Of course I didn't have a tape deck that worked in my car (still don't) but I'd put my boom box in the passenger seat and rock out.

RS: Are you bummed that you're not gonna be on one of those Meatballs tours?

[Steven Gullett] That'd be a big no. I hate the Summer festivals. My last band played on one of the small stages on Warped Tour last year in Cincinnati. One of the longest days of my life, HOT like 95 degrees, horrible. Had to load equiptment across a parking lot & up a bunch of steps & through the crowd. Oh and not to mention that 90% of the music at Warped sounds exactly the same, same drumbeat, same octave guitar runs, & same singer who sounds like he's going through puberty.

RS: What's your most important tour accessory?

[Steven Gullett] Clubs that give the musicians lots of free drinks is always appreciated. It sometimes is the only thing that makes up for the money you didn't make.

RS: Did you go to outdoor festivals when you were a kid?

[Steven Gullett] I saw Monsters of Rock at the Akron Rubber Bowl. The thing I remember is being spryed with water hoses by the roadies cuz it was close to 100 degrees up near the stage. Also I got in line for a Pepsi when Dokken started playing & by the time I got my soda they were down, no great loss mind you, but a hella of a line.

RS: At Foo Fighters gigs, what do fans throw onstage?

[Steven Gullett] I'm not sure but I'm gonna see them live here in Dayton on July 10th, so I'll let you know.

RS: You chew gum throughout your set. What's the deal?

[Steven Gullett] People may say it helps keep your mouth from getting dry, but it's all about looking cool.

RS: Do you have any special moves to get t crowd going?

[Steven Gullett] No, no, no. You don't want the crowd going anywhere. The whole idea is how to get them to stick around & listen. I like to block as many exits as possible.

RS: What's the biggest crowd you've ever played for?

[Steven Gullett] I think was in Brazil when we set a world record wait, that was Queen. Oh I don't know, about 300 or so.

RS: What goes through your mind at that point?

[Steven Gullett] I like to just forget I'm me or else I'd wonder why all these people are watching me. I have a real problem with my mind wandering during certain songs, that's when the ship starts to sink if I'm not careful.

RS: Have you ever wept openly onstage?

[Steven Gullett] No but I sweat like Meat Loaf in a suana. So there are drops of water rolling down my cheeks most of the time, how very EMO of me.

RS: What do you remember most about playing summer festivals with Nirvana?

[Steven Gullett] That was a fun tour. They kept trying to tell me I wasn't actually on the tour & threw me out whenever I got too close. But I know it was just their way of hazing the "new guy." Very funny fellas. But now I know how much bail is in many of our fine cities around the world.

Steven Gullett Instant Expert:

1. Steven owns all the Marillion CDs that have Fish singing.
2. Steven has only had four real jobs in his life: video store clerk, doorman, janitor & newspaper librarian.
3. Steven has 26 books by or about Charles Bukowski.
4. His first concert was Bob Seger (His last one was Rocket From The Tombs.)
5. Steven's hearing is not so great but he has a spooky good sense of smell.