ROCK INSIDER - Songwriters tell of their muses
By Angelique Campbell / Dayton Daily News

• Art depends on inspiration, right? The muse, the source of inspiration, is a fickle thing. You can go through a drought of creative thought and then be kept up all night trying to find the right way to get an idea out of your head and into the world. When genius strikes, you’d better strike back, otherwise whatever it is that inspires you might not find its way back again.

With that in mind, here’s a look at where some local musicians find inspiration:

• Steven Gullett (singer/songwriter): “Infatuation with women that were horrible for me used to do it. Now I’m in competition with myself. I want to write a better song than the last one I wrote. . . . I tend to write about what’s happening or has happened in my life. I find it really hard to take myself out of the song. I’m almost envious at times with people who can write more anonymously. Because at times you hurt someone close to you. . . . Luckily disappointment and self-loathing are fairly common traits to share.”